Cardi B travels to Helsinki: music festivals that you can still catch the train to

Two things make every second half of summer special – a pleasant feeling of nostalgia about the first sunny days and the hectic planning of the rest. We have decided to help you with arranging the entertainment and insert news about the hottest music festivals and their headliners. Stay tuned for a list of music festivals happening this summer which you can still catch.


Where: Daresbury, United Kingdom

When: Aug 22 – Aug 25

Creamfields is held in the homeland of English writer Lewis Carroll in the small town of Daresbury, Cheshire. At the end of August, a quiet village becomes a place where not only electronic music fans, camping lovers and wild ravers come together. Here you can live in tents during the festival (for a fee, of course) and enjoy both the legends and the newcomers of the music industry. This year’s list of headliners includes artists such as Calvin Harris, The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, and Ben Nicky. If you are a fan of chill melodic trap or old school rock that proved to be all times classic – Creamfields is waiting for you.


Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: 7 Aug – 13 Aug

Who hasn’t heard about this event? This festival’s line-up is replete with well-known musicians: Florence + The Machine, Ed Sheeran, James Blake, and Years & Years. The modern culture of Budapest is developing significantly faster every year, it is currently the avant-garde of global art. So, it is not a surprise that Sziget with its incredible amount of popular music authors is one of the best festivals of this summer.

Reading & Leeds Festivals

Where: Leeds and Reading, United Kingdom

When: Aug 23 – Aug 25

For rock and pop lovers, the end of August is scheduled for Reading & Leeds Festivals. This is one festival that is held at the same time in two different cities. Reading Festival, by the way, is considered the oldest popular music festival in the world, which continues to exist and being successfully held every year. Formerly The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, and Nirvana performed there. This year, Billie Eilish, 1975, The Distillers, ZUZU are listed in line-up. But who cares about the others when there will be Billie Eilish, duh.

Flow festival

Where: Helsinki, Finland

When: Aug 9 – Aug 11

Flow Festival in Helsinki, perhaps, is one of the most easily accessible and high-quality events of this format. The festival is suitable for everyone, because it covers the musical range from indie rock to hip-hop, from jazz to techno. It is an exception from a rule when a musical event that covers so many music directions gets so big and becomes successful. The location of the festival is also convenient – not far from the city center. You can arrive a few days before the event and enjoy the incredible atmosphere, sea, and architecture of the Baltic coast. What else is important? Claimed artists, which include Cardi B, James Blake, Tame Impala, The Cure, and Robyn.

These were the latest updates concerning the lineups and dates of the biggest upcoming music festivals. Why are you still reading this article then? Grab your money, call all your friends and have an amazing summer trip to one of these music paradises and good reason to dating women from ukraine.